32 inch All in One LCD Touch screen kiosk

Product Description:
Product Name: 32 inch All in One LCD Touch screen kiosk.
Product Model: V320DTP.
Color: The product is available in different colors.
Functions: The display is intended for indoor use and can be moved as needed. The product can for example be used for marketing and information display.
Design: It is simple design, with sleek lines and a finish that makes the product total.
Measurements: 194,7 cm (H) x 82,4 cm (V) x 6,85 cm (D).
Stand – 82,4 cm (V) x 50 cm (D).

Product Features:
1) Adopt IR touch screen (11.2mm thickness), it supports single dot touch type or double dot touch type.
2) Build-in high quality speakers stereo 2pcs x 5W; support safety lock function.
3) Build-in Mini-PC Intel Core i3 5010U 2.5 GHz.
4) Power Supply Standard: AC110V-240V 50/60HZ (Power External).
5) Excl. Camera, Scanner & Printer.

Touch screen:
1) Response time: 15-100ms depends on the thickness of the partition.
2) Touch type: Horizontal multi dot touch screen (Vertical way is optional).
3) Touch precision: 0.625mm.
4) Max. Resolution: 4096 x 4096.
5) Light transmittance: >93% meet the ASTM D1003.
6) Touching times: no limit.
7) Anti-light interference: Sunlight, incandescent light.
8) Connector type: USB Port & RS-232.
9) Power: 5V DC, 200 mA.
10) Life time: 50000 hours.
11) Temperature Operating: -20°C – +60°C temperature storage: -30°C – +70°C.
12) Operating system: Windows 7(8/XP)/Linux-ubuto/Android 4.0/Mac os.