65inch Wallmount

Product Description:
Product Name: 65 inch full HD wall mount LCD Touch player.
Product Model: VA650AT.
Color: The product is available in different colors and sizes.
Functions: The display is intended for indoor use and have multi-language function. The product can for example be used for marketing and information display.
Design: Super slim design with 30mm width.
Measurements: 150,5 cm (H) x 87,9 cm (W) x 8 cm (L)

Product Features:

1) IR touch screen (11.2mm thickness) is optional, it supports single dot touch type or multi dot touch type.
2) Adopts high transparent glass (6mm – thickness) as protection layer.
3) Function of splitting, multiple regions displaying, and automatic multimedia files upgrading, completely internet management via network.
4) Locking system for anti-thieves, prevented the player and storage devices from being stolen.
5) Build-in speaker: 2 x 2W or 2 x 5W. / Player VIDEO automatically.
6) Power Supply Standard: DC 12V 5A or AC110V-240V 50/60HZ (Power External).

Touch screen:
1) Transparency: > 90%, up to 100%
2) Scanning speed: > 50 Scans/s
3) Touch intensity: over 60000000 single point touch. / Minimum touch object: > 5mm.
4) Perating voltage: DC 5V ±5%.
5) Response time: < 12ms. 6) Touch type: Horizontal multi dot touch screen (Vertical way is optional). 7) Touch precision: 0.625mm. 8) Max. Resolution: 4096 x 4096. 9) Connector type: USB Port & RS-232. HDMI output port. 10) Power: <1W (current<200mA) / Power Supply: keyboard serial interface. 11) Vandal-proof: Steel ball (D 63.5mm, 1040g W) DROP FROM 1040mm, no break. 12) Altitude: 3000m / Noise: None 13) Life time: 50000 hours. 14) Temperature Operating: -41°C - +70°C temperature storage: -50°C - +85°C. 15) Operating system: DOS, Windows 9X/ME/2000/XP/2003/VISTA, LINUX.