55inch Touch screen

Product Description:
Product Name: 55 inch All in One LCD Touch screen kiosk.
Product Model: V550DTP.
Color: The product is available in different colors.
Functions: The display is intended for indoor use and can be moved as needed. The product can for example be used for marketing and information display. Can be hung on the wall.
Design: It is simple design, with sleek lines and a finish that makes the product total.
Measurements: 194,7 cm (H) x 82,4 cm (V) x 6,85 cm (D).
Stand – 82,4 cm (V) x 50 cm (D).

Product Features:
1) Adopt IR touch screen (11.2mm thickness), it supports single dot touch type or double dot touch type.
2) Build-in high quality speakers stereo 2pcs x 5W; support safety lock function.
3) Build-in Mini-PC Intel Core i3 5010U 2.5 GHz.
4) Power Supply Standard: AC110V-240V 50/60HZ (Power External).
5) Excl. Camera, Scanner & Printer.

Touch screen:
1) Response time: 15-100ms depends on the thickness of the partition.
2) Touch type: Horizontal multi dot touch screen (Vertical way is optional).
3) Touch precision: 0.625mm.
4) Max. Resolution: 4096 x 4096.
5) Light transmittance: >93% meet the ASTM D1003.
6) Touching times: no limit.
7) Anti-light interference: Sunlight, incandescent light.
8) Connector type: USB Port & RS-232.
9) Power: 5V DC, 200 mA.
10) Life time: 50000 hours.
11) Temperature Operating:-20°C – +60°C temperature storage: -30°C – +70°C.
12) Operating system: Windows 7(8/XP)/Linux-ubuto/Android 4.0/Mac os.